Trends and UX challenges for 2016

UX is constantly evolving. So what can we expect in 2016? The team has some forecasts for the near future. Trend 1: Pixel pushing was yesterday. UIs will continue to be designed in the future, but UX designers will not be so busy with it. The reason: Visual language and interaction design templates have become established - everything looks basically the same. (Whether this is so good is another matter.) Trend 9 emphasizes user research: seeing people instead of pixels, and we at coeno can only emphasize this, is the focus of all UX projects. It remains to be seen whether companies will take up the challenge to care for their users. At they are optimistic.

The experts from UX Magazine also looked into the glass ball. Scott Plewes, VP User Experience at the UX Designers and Software Developers at Macadamiam, predicts that UX will be established in companies in 2016, but still has some hurdles to overcome. Companies that haven't paid much attention to the user so far will have to catch up - this is not only about user experience, but mainly about change management. Also exciting: UX and service design will be hard to tell apart in 2016, thinks Sergio Nouvel, Director and UX Lead at Continuum, Peru. UX designers must be technologically fit to make UX multi-channel and multi-device capable.

"At coeno, we have been working for a long time on multi-device solutions that ensure a positive user experience across the board," explains Bettina Streit, Managing Director of coeno. "We will continue to work towards this goal in 2016.

UX number of the month

14 – User experience is in demand: On the CNN Money list of the top 100 jobs in 2015, the UX Designer is ranked 14th and is expected to remain in a top position in 2016.


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