Has the classic TV program guide had its day?

So many great TV series and movies - the TV program has never been more enticing, but how do you get it? The comfortable access from the sofa still needs to be worked on. It starts with the program search, which does not make it easy for the viewer. The TV program guides, in the technical jargon EPG (Electronic Program Guide), are unwieldy. Instead of getting to the desired program quickly and easily, the search has to be laborious.

This is due to the fact that today's EPGs, whether on the TV set, set-top box or TV-capable game console, display the content linearly for an overview. Usability Engineer Sandra Schmelich, UX Consultant at coeno, has analyzed the users' requirements and is convinced that linear program data can be searched and displayed in a more user-friendly way today.
Hooray, long live television? YouTube video producer LeFloid and Oliver Kalkhofe discuss what viewers really want in the ZDF program log in. Absolutely worth watching!

UX number of the month

5 - In Smashing Magazine, Victor Yocco defined five characteristics for an innovation: From "relative competitive advantage" to "compatibility" to "testability", including their significance for designers. Exciting for marketing and product strategists: Yocco explains its features in detail using Netflix as an example.


Analysis software must be dust-dry? Jackson Stone from the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga sees it differently and explains in his TEDx plea on the human factor how a user experience based design approach can make even boring analysis tools fun to use and thus contribute to productivity. Let's finally say goodbye to dull spreadsheets!



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