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Cooperative Communication - Just another communication seminar or esoteric nonsense?

Communication in all its facets is an important part of my daily work as a UX consultant. Dealing with (sometimes difficult) customers, internal coordination and passing on important information - often under strong time pressure - make up a lion's share of my job. Good communication is therefore essential to avoid misunderstandings, to master difficult conversational situations and to resolve conflicts.

Since there is always potential for further development in this area, I decided to attend a communication seminar. This was beautifully titled "Better results for me and the cause - with cooperative communication" and was moderated by Moritz Küffner. Admittedly, I didn't expect too much new, but rather I thought I would refresh known knowledge and, if necessary, shed light on new aspects.

What makes the kokomm® special?

kokomm® is about more than "just" improving interpersonal communication to solve conflicts. Rather it understands itself as a network of thinking, communication and behavioral possibilities, which are to help the individual to lead discussions on eye level and thus in the optimal case conflicts not to let arise at all.

The main focus is to work out what I can do to find a common solution that is enriching and beneficial for all sides, i.e. to create a win-win situation for all parties involved. By working on oneself, it is easier to deal with "problems" and to see them not as insurmountable but as solvable challenges.

Just another communication seminar?

Although the principle of kokomm® is based on existing communication & behavioral theories such as the "Nonviolent Communication" according to Rosenberg and the "Harvard Concept", it reinterprets them and puts them into a context that I think is very successful.

Nothing but esoteric nonsense?

The kokomm® puts the focus of interpersonal action on the EGO and one's own behavior, which gives each individual the opportunity to change his or her situation for the better (or worse). This may sound esoteric at first, but it makes sense on closer inspection!

Thus, the "horizon-widening magic question" enables one to listen within oneself and, especially when interpreting situations, to ask oneself "Could it be any different? Could my personal interpretation be misguiding me at the moment and the reflection on what I perceived help me to allow another interpretation possibility? It helps enormously to ask yourself this question again and again in everyday life.

In addition, I was impressed and influenced by the at first somewhat pathetic sounding realization "If you are at peace with yourself, you cannot pollute anyone else"! What lies behind this is the awareness to work on one's own fears, sovereignty and solution competence in order to meet other people in a balanced emotional situation. Through this inner peace and the corresponding self-confidence I meet people exactly the way I want to be treated. A transmission of stress and "bad vibes" is avoided by this balance. Here too, working on myself is my own area of responsibility.

My personal conclusion

The seminar was a huge surprise for me, as it is neither just another communication seminar nor esoteric nonsense. The two seminar days were extremely enriching for me. Moritz not only provided me with many tools for my everyday professional life, but also gave me many helpful thought-provoking impulses for my personal development. A clear recommendation.

Sandra Buczek

UX Consultant & Usability Engineer


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