Enabling successful digital projects

Great services for a perfect UX

We are there to help with our expertise. For your optimization project, relaunch or new application. For web, app and complex software.

Get it right from the start

We make sure projects are set up properly - with workshops instead of meetings. Our toolbox is super well equipped, so we find the right format for every requirement, problem and goal.

Perfect execution

Turning ideas into reality on time and in budget requires an experienced team, proven methodologies and skillful project management. And this is exactly what we deliver.

Shared knowledge

We are happy to pass on our knowledge. Transparent collaboration and optional coaching measures create UX Know-how within your own team. In that way we achieve sustainable success together.


Tried and tested standard formats, coeno's own modules or a completely new format that perfectly fits the problem - we love workshops. More efficient than meetings with more effective results while having significantly more fun - especially in early project phases. Remote or personal, whatever is needed.

UX Workshop

Lightning Decision Jam

Gain clarity on the really important challenges and shorten the decision making process for almost anything. Bonus-Level: sketch solution ideas and define an action plan.

UX Workshop

Scope Sessions

Establish a common understanding of the useful scope of an application and define concrete usage and system requirements. Whether for MVP, the next release or planned features.

UX Workshop

Value Proposition

Formulate a value proposition based on users' problems and expectations - ideally collected in interviews. This will create a clear orientation from product vision to feature specification.

UX Workshop

UX Power Days®

Create joint solution of medium-sized, complex problems in 2 intensive days. Results in consolidated requirements, ideas and implementation sketches for digital systems, products or services.

UX Workshop

Rapid Design Thinking

Design Thinking is not a workshop, but an attitude. In the "rapid" version, however, all phases can be run through in one day, creating real innovations based on people's needs and allowing a glimpse into this "crazy" user needs based world.

UX Workshop

Design Sprints

Turn ideas into prototypes, validate directly with real users and optimize based on the results. It's the big (4-day) sister of the UX Power Days. Can also be supplemented with further iterations.

UX Research & Production

For Web, App, TV and complex software. We plan, manage and lead through the complete UI/UX production. You will get fully thought-through, designed and tested results- which can be handed over to development. All within your timeline and budget.

Qualitative Customer Interview


Usability Tests

Value Proposition Test

Usability Review

Interaction Concept

UI Design


Design System

UI Specification

User Centered Design

We involve users - people - in our approach. Why? Because we have made the experience that this is how the most successful results are achieved. Results that are usable, useful and desirable.

""Users and their needs are at the core. Always.

If you know the needs of the users, needs become requirements, requirements become functions and functions become experiences. If this is brought in line with the requirements of the business, it results in success.