"My" or "your" user interface?

100 years ago Windows welcomed us with "My Computer". Over time it became "Computer" and finally "This PC". In his latest contribution on Medium, John Saito deals with how the user is addressed through the user interface.

UI designers can think from the user's point of view as well as take a product standpoint. His credo: it always depends on the product. "My" interface tells the user that he has influence on the interface. He can control it and adapt it according to his individual ideas. If an interface addresses the user with a "you", it speaks as a personal assistant. "Here comes your music". And there are products that do without a point of view and only list their functions (photos, folders...). Saito gives guidelines for the use of "my" and "your": "My" should be used when the user interacts with the product; "your" is the better choice when the product gives instructions or descriptions to the user. A wise article about the right UI perspective that deserves a place in all UI style guides.

UX number of the month

24 – The selection of apps is gigantic, and new ones are added daily. However, according to a Nielsen study from 2016, American smartphone owners use no more than two dozen on average. Findings: There is an app for every need, but there is still no need for every app.


The Dutch UX blog Usabilla has published a list of the best UX articles in July 2016. From the perfect color scheme and the development of the term "user experience" to rapid prototyping and a quick start guide for UX designers, the compilation offers an exciting mix of topics. Worth reading!



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