Measure emotions: 10 metrics to track UX ROI

Only when it can be measured is it good. This also applies to the user experience. To calculate the ROI of UX efforts, however, you need to isolate their impact on revenue, which is not easy. In his latest blog post, Jeff Sauro presents 10 metrics that can be used to measure UX projects in terms of their impact on ROI. According to Sauro, one of the best methods is a random controlled experiment. In principle, it works like this: You develop two "software products" simultaneously - one uses user experience methods (usability tests etc.), the other does not. Now you randomly compare customers who have received one or the other product and repeat the experiment a few times.

The basic rule is: Make use of existing data. Even reduced support requests have a positive effect on the ROI.

We at coeno are convinced that the study of UX ROI is worthwhile because the results show that the methods used serve both the user and the turnover of companies.

UX number of the month

50 – According to a study by Walker's business consultants, the customer experience will become the most important differentiating factor for brands by 2020, with a share of 50 out of 100 points. Companies that are already working consistently and consciously on the customer experience - in other words, the user experience - will be among the winners of tomorrow.


Sharing mini-videos with the whole world is the order of the day: Snapchat, Periscope & Co. are enormously popular, at least since YouTube star Casey Neistat discovered video sharing for himself. Our colleague Felix Hübner has tested Casey's new hype app beme. The "No Preview, no Review" principle lets users share moments from their lives in 4-second videos without looking at the display - but whether every moment is worth sharing is another matter. Felix' conclusion in the coeno blog: a plea for curated content.



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