Do we UX experts have to save the world?

Sasha Akhavi, UX Designer, UI developer, Scrum Master and author of "Decodings: What Computers Have Taught Me About Being Human" answers this question with a resounding yes in his blog post at Boxes & Arrows. Akhavi takes a look into the not so distant future of intelligent machines. It's unlikely that a terminator will haunt us in the near future - but artificial intelligence is making progress and many people are scared. Sasha Akhavi believes UX professionals have a responsibility: "We have to adapt technological developments to people. Because we are the professionals who connect humans with the mechanical world and design this world to benefit humans.

We at coeno have lived this credo for years. It remains to be seen whether we can save the whole world right away. But we can tell you that it often only takes a very concrete look at the user needs to realize that pure technology is not enough. Our colleague Ralf Kienzler has put this in a nutshell in his new blog post. He deals with the content presentation of on-demand services, which are often not advertised attractively enough because many providers rely on automated databases to present their content instead of responding to user needs.

UX number of the month

94% – The first visual impression counts. 94% of users form an opinion after the first look at the design of a digital product, writes ConversionXL. A clear argument for a user experience that also takes care of the visual appearance.


Trends are always an exciting thing. Nancy Kapoor, blogger and digital marketing expert, examined seven UX design trends in her latest June article in UX Magazine and backed them up with figures. In conclusion, user expectations for a seamless and easy-to-use experience continue to grow, especially for products with complex functionality. This makes UX a success factor for complex, digital developments.



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