UX Konzepter - NN/g UX certified

Angelika Zerbe

During my studies of interactive media I got to know the most different areas. From Java to Unity 3D and typography. This comprehensive spectrum developed more and more in the exciting direction of conception during the semesters. With this knowledge I was able to support coeno since April 2017. Each project brings with it different tasks. For example, there are those where the product is right at the beginning and only the user journey is developed with workshops and tests. Still others have clear requirements right from the start. In this case, after the wireframes, we continue with a specification and user stories. I personally like the wide range of tasks and the opportunity to specialize in different subject areas.

An insight into my projects


Relaunch of finvesto.de. - with UX, SEO, SEA and mobile optimization of the website. We developed a new interaction paradigm with flawless usability through an improved customer journey and call-to-actions and restructured the content map before transferring it into an appealing new visual design.

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From vision to product

Cosmos is a completely new designed business tool for the creation of analyses and reports for audits and company evaluations. It supports its users in performing their daily tasks and presents complicated workflows in an intelligent and simple way.

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To speed up the sales process this tablet app supports Linde sales staff in compiling welding gases in real time for customer-specific projects. In addition, the app provides the appropriate information for customer meetings.

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Knowledge in flux

Radio broadcasts, podcasts and live streams are put together worldwide with the software tools from DAVID Systems. It is particularly important that the tools are easy to use and can be mastered despite their extensive functions. Coaching, knowledge transfer and a collaborative way of working enables the teams of DAVID Systems to make usability and UX decisions.

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Weiterbildung und co.

Und sonst so?

Neben Projekten legen wir viel Wert auf Weiterbildung.

The complexity of simplicity, part 1

The desire for simplicity is evident in the most diverse areas of life. It is therefore an important criterion in the development of products and services.

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The complexity of simplicity, part 2

In this blog article I explain the six principles of simplicity from John Maeda's book "The laws of Simplicity" and argue for the importance of simplicity.

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Voice assistants conquer the world

Language assistants have been gaining in popularity for several years. Each large company now develops differently specialized assistants for everyday use.

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