From the vision to the product

Initial situation

Many companies ask themselves the question: How can complex work processes, data volumes and collaborative work be digitised, evaluated and clearly prepared? The aim is to increase effectiveness and efficiency and thus save costs and time. KPMG wanted to create a tool for optimising internal work processes that is specifically tailored to the needs of deal advisory. Smart workflows, artificial intelligence and machine learning processes were to replace processes that were previously very time-consuming and costly. The goal was to support all employees working on a project worldwide in structuring and evaluating complex data, as well as in writing reports. Cosmos was born. The challenge for coeno was to structure this vision in order to make the complexity tangible and to transfer it into a sustainable usage concept.


Cosmos is a completely redesigned business tool for producing analyses and reports for audits and business assessments. It supports its users in performing their daily tasks and presents complicated workflows in an intelligent and simple way.


Interaction Concept
UI Design
VP Entwicklung
Usability Tests

Time Frame

Project period:
June 2018 until February 2020

After trying out two agencies in advance, we finally found the right partner in coeno. The specialisation in user experience and user interface design as well as the associated deep knowledge of how to design software in a user-centred way led our project to success. The international rollout of the MVP after 2 years of intensive work is behind us. The tool has shown an efficiency gain of 30-40%.

Lars-Martin Jung, Global Project Lead & Director

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The Vision

Brainstorming on the Greenfield

In the first step, together with the Cosmos team, we looked in detail at the ACTUAL processes, the tools used so far and the personas of all users in several workshops and developed a vision for the optimal work processes from the user's point of view. In 9 work packages, we delved deeply into the topic, held creative workshops and, over the course of several months, developed the concept and design for the complex work tool in consultation with the client. In the process, we collected requirements and tested interim results with users. In this phase of the project, it was particularly important to KMPG that we focus on the UX and conceive and design a vision free of technical restrictions.

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Steps towards implementation

In the next step, we worked together with the developers and the users to create a feasible, meaningful and value-creating MVP scope from the vision. In three-week sprints, the MVP scope was designed, user stories and a UI specification were written, all views and elements were designed, tested and implemented.

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Weitere Cases

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