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Find new digital solutions to old and new challenges, bring an outstanding UX to all software solutions, build a design system and build user-centred knowledge and skills in the DAVID team along the way.


Through our collaboration, the team at DAVID Systems was able to build up UX know-how and live it in the projects, complex interactions in the web applications are improved, checked with users and documented in a UI specification (aka design system). A uniform dark mode for native and web-based applications is introduced and ideas for innovative, new services are given a first form to be validated afterwards. Everything is always done with direct and indirect users in mind, without ignoring the requirements of the business.


Interaction Concept
UI Design
Design System
Usability Tests
UX Power Days®
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Since September 2019

"DAVID Systems has held a unique combination of challenges for coeno: Integrating a high-quality UX into our products and creating a shared understanding of UX within DAVID. coeno has taken this task in their stride by effectively sharing knowledge, leading clear workshops and becoming an instrumental part of our UX teams. We especially appreciate coeno's professionalism, great collaboration and contribution to helping developers and product owners really live UX."

Dave Watson - Senior Marketing, Media and Content Executive

Building knowledge

An initial series of lectures and workshops establishes basic knowledge on the topics of usability, aesthetics and user requirements and imparts methodological competence. Since then, usability and design problems based on individual software solutions and modules have been worked on in close cooperation between the internal product and UX team and us. In this way, we ensure a continuous transfer of knowledge and enable the DAVID Systems teams to make usability and UX decisions and to further develop solutions themselves.

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Optimise and document

DAVID Systems' software is extremely powerful and highly customisable. This creates a certain complexity in the user experience, which can be reduced through visual hierarchy, functional prioritisation and smart interaction logics. Again, "we are not the user", so only assumptions can be made about which functions certain users would prioritise in certain situations. Improvements are therefore consistently checked through tests, whether for a small element such as pagination or larger changes such as a colour scheme or the display and interaction with tables. All results are documented in a UI specification that is accessible online and provides developers with a binding tool for designing a UI component.

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Making ideas tangible

How do you get from the idea of wanting to create a new, better solution for podcast production to something tangible on which user experience and technical scope can be built? One way: our UX Power Days, gladly also remotely. Nine participants from different time zones were guided by us through four sessions, each lasting three hours. We act as moderator and methodical pacemaker, the DAVID Systems team provides the technical expertise. The result is usually, and also in this example, a clearly formulated goal, identified hurdles and a solution idea that can be implemented in a prototype in the following step.

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About DAVID Systems

DAVID Systems is a leading international provider of end-to-end content production and distribution solutions for broadcasters, specialising in open, customisable and scalable software for rich media workflows. Founded in 1991, the company is headquartered in Munich and has offices in Berlin and Washington, DC.

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