UX / UI Designer

Ralf Kienzler

With the blossoming of the internet, I am attracted by the design possibilities of digital interfaces. Since then I have been designing award-winning user interfaces for well-known companies and since the foundation of coeno in 2002 I have been responsible for the creative output in the team. "Good Design is how you treat your customers" is my passion. As a certified usability engineer I not only guarantee attractive and independent interfaces but also their frustration-free operation. In the future I will continue to follow digital changes with excitement and ensure our customers a head start with the most user-friendly solution. And provide them with the best possible support.

Ein Einblick in meine Projekte

Mein Sky

Sky Germany’s customer service app guides users on their very individual journey through Sky’s product world. From the first moment of getting in touch with Sky and along the entire customer life cycle. The result is a service app that makes life easier for users and call center agents alike.

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Code name "Örtli"

5 PowerPoint slides (PPT) had to be brought to life to communicate a rough but brand new and innovative digital product idea. In just 4 weeks, the idea was turned into an innovative, functional prototype including packaging for the board meeting and a user test.

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Value Proposition & Website

Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA) commissioned coeno with the relaunch of its website, aiming for a user-centered approach. After a large range of interviews and a value proposition workshop with STA, precisely tailored value propositions for the various target groups, a dedicated visual language world and a website that clearly and comprehensibly sums up the uniqueness of STA within the Siemens world were created.

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Relaunch of finvesto.de. - with UX, SEO, SEA and mobile optimization of the website. We developed a new interaction paradigm with flawless usability through an improved customer journey and call-to-actions and restructured the content map before transferring it into an appealing new visual design.

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Weiterbildung und co.

Und sonst so?

Neben Projekten legen wir viel Wert auf Weiterbildung.

Think Big, Reduce Later – why Mobile First does not always have to be first choice

The motto "Mobile First" has now become established in the development of digital interfaces. But it is worthwhile to question this approach!

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Backstage insights: How we visually reinvented ourselves

Blog entry by UI Designer Ralf Kienzler about the new appearance of coeno. This article describes the development of the relaunch of the coeno website.

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My Facebook is not your Facebook - about simulated reality in its infancy

Our observations on the difficulties of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) on their way to the mass market lead us to assume that…

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