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New web design for a new product

Sandra Roth


For the start-up, we delivered a comprehensive package of UX services like a value proposition workshop and a logo in just four weeks.

Angelika Zerbe


Internationalize Your Website

For us it is quite normal that websites are German, the currency is Euro and on pictures mainly Europeans. But how is that actually in Japan?



My internship semester at coeno

In this blog article, Jonas talks about his everyday work as a student at coeno and what he took with him from his eighteen-weeks internship.

Markus Kugler


No value without benefit: What a good UX and a strong value proposition have in common

We're familiar with good user experiences and UX methods. This knowledge helps us a lot in finding a strong value proposition for every product or service.

Bastian Burtscheidt


Website Builder - An attempt to break the magic triangle

With UI kits, professional websites can be created in a short time, without further IT knowledge. We have compared the most common website builders.

Angelika Zerbe


The complexity of simplicity, part 2

In this blog article I explain the six principles of simplicity from John Maeda's book "The laws of Simplicity" and argue for the importance of simplicity.

Angelika Zerbe


The complexity of simplicity, part 1

The desire for simplicity is evident in the most diverse areas of life. It is therefore an important criterion in the development of products and services.

Miriam Springer


Enterprise UX - what helps the user, benefits the company

Processes have been digitized and tailored to the user for years. The efficient operation of user interfaces is often neglected in this context.

Miriam Springer


We too have a need for optimization - retrospectives for better cooperation

Constant improvement requires room for reflection. Retrospectives have become an integral part of our everyday life and reveal potential for improvement.

Maximiliane Wagner


Conception of a chatbot - a field report

Chatbots conquer our world. Reason enough for coeno to take a closer look at the topic and set up a test case project - This article is a field report.

Bettina Streit


Contract from Dubai: We conceive and design a video-on-demand app for children

For e-vision, a subsidiary of the telecommunications provider Etisalat from Dubai, we developed a VoD app for the target group of 3-12 year olds.

Miriam Springer


Service apps - quick help for self-help

Numerous calls to the customer center, long waiting times and more and more dissatisfied users. To remedy this, we developed a self-service app.


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