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Online banking the easy way


Almost everything can and is done online nowadays. Online banking is one of the offers that was available early on and companies that were once among the first to do so are now confronted with offers from completely new market participants. These new kids in town do not have to consider legacy systems in the backend or have already made great efforts to become an online first bank. In any case, the ease of use and appropriate feature set act as a differentiator. The user experience of digital services has become a truly important competitive factor.


The European Bank for Financial Services GmbH (ebase®) offers a wide range of financial portfolio management services. As a "full bank" without branches, ebase is a pioneer in online business. A position that was to be expanded by updating the user experience of the aging online platform. The aim was to take into account the functional background of the existing IT systems and not to unsettle customers by reprioritizing features, a new user experience and a new aesthetic.


Using a step-by-step approach according to use cases and the involvement of all participants of the interdisciplinary project team form the beginning, a common understanding of the functional scope was established, User Story Mapping workshops proved to be the method of choice in this case. A new, modern visual design was agreed upon as a basis and then applied to all individual views. Real users were involved in the way of usability tests - as always with interesting insights no expert is able to provide.

The step-by-step approach allowed the hand-over to development in an ongoing process based on the defined work packages and also launch the updates step by step. Users highly appreciate the new UX and we are happy to support our client in additional projects also for other brands.



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"With the redesign of our portal and thanks to the UI/UX optimisation from our cooperation with coeno, we have managed to make our portal modern, efficient and future-oriented; both for B2B and B2C."


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