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Companies with successful, complex software, e.g. for audio management and production, video distribution or field service management are currently facing the challenge of bringing their solution "into the cloud". This often raises two key questions: Which old-world functions are still really needed today and how can we achieve a user experience that meets today's requirements? After all, the private experiences of B2B users when dealing with digital media (mobile devices, websites, customer portals, etc.) create expectations about how a solution should feel and what it should offer.


DAVID Systems offers high-quality, very successful software for the complete workflow of audio production, distribution and media data management. More and more solutions are offered as web apps. A circumstance that makes a standardization of the user experience necessary. At the same time, DAVID Systems is a pioneer in the area of customer centricity and aims to create a common understanding of user experience within the company so that everyone involved in creating and refining software works towards the same goal: happy customers.


An initial series of lectures and workshops first established basic knowledge about usability, aesthetics and usage requirements and conveyed methodological competence. Next, usability and design problems based on individual software solutions and modules have been addressed in close cooperation between the internal product and UX team and us.

The solutions are documented and are later available to all project participants as part of a UI specification that build the base for a future design system. This ensures continuous improvement of UX through consistency in all future software and at the same time makes sure developers become confident in using UI and UX components.



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"DAVID Systems has provided coeno with a unique combination of challenges: The integration of high quality UX in our products and the creation of a common understanding of UX within DAVID. coeno has mastered this task brilliantly by sharing knowledge effectively, leading clear workshops and becoming a significant part of our UX teams. At coeno we appreciate above all the professionalism, the good cooperation and the contribution to the support of developers and product owners to really live UX."

Dave Watson - Senior Marketing, Media and Content Executive

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