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From vision to product


Many companies are faced with complex work processes, data volumes and collaborative work that needs to be digitized, evaluated and well presented. This is supposed to increase effectiveness and efficiency and thus saving costs and time. In order to be able to work effectively, efficiently and above all satisfactorily with a software, a positive user experience and intuitive usability are two key factors for success.


KPMG aimed at creating a tool for the optimization of internal work processes that was specifically tailored to the needs of the Deal Advisory department. Smart workflows, artificial intelligence and machine learning processes that were previously very time-consuming and costly were to be rethought. The goal was to provide maximum support to all employees working on a project worldwide in structuring and evaluating complex data and writing reports in a short time. Cosmos was born. The challenge for coeno was to structure this vision in order to make the complexity tangible and to transfer it into a viable UX concept.


In the first step, we and the Cosmos team did several workshops to take a detailed look at the current processes, the tools used so far and the personas of all users and to develop a vision for the optimal work processes from a user's point of view. It was especially important to KMPG that we concentrate fully on UX and that we conceive and design a vision free of technical restrictions.

In the next step, we worked with the developers and users to cut the vision into a feasible, meaningful and valuable MVP scope. In three-week sprints, the MVP scope was designed, user stories and a UI specification were written, all views and elements were designed, tested and implemented.

The result: a completely redesigned enterprise tool for creating analyses and reports for audits and company evaluations. It supports its users in performing their daily tasks and presents complicated workflows in an intelligent and simple way.



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