UX Designer

Sandra Roth

The user-centred design of digital processes is a personal concern of mine. As a structured but creative mind, I rely on a mix of learned procedures and my intuition when designing concepts. What I enjoy most is examining an application holistically and breaking it down into relevant and irrelevant functions. Reducing an application to its core functions forms the basis for creating a modern and seamlessly operable product. To achieve such solutions, I like to work in a team and like a coordinated collaboration with all project managers. Since September 2019 I am part of the coeno team and work here as a UX Designer. Furthermore I support the area of content marketing.

An insight into my projects


"QI-Zentrale" is a platform that accompanies doctors and pharmacists online to ensure the quality of cytostatic drugs - products for outpatient chemotherapy. The user interface was designed to meet the needs of the customers in order to make the use of the platform faster, easier and more pleasant for both groups. With success! Omnicare has thus successfully made the transition from analog to digital in its quality initiative.

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ProGlove Connected App

ProGlove Connect provides a mobile app in addition to the web application and enables a deep integration of ProGlove devices into any customer system - easily, flexibly and quickly. In close cooperation with the PG team, we redesigned the app and optimized the user interface in terms of usability and UX. At the same time we established a design system that can be easily customized by ProGlove and used as a basis for new features.

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Weiterbildung und co.

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Neben Projekten legen wir viel Wert auf Weiterbildung.

Ich bin noch ganz frisch im Team der coeno. Bald gibt es auch Blogartikel von mir.
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