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Digitalization in quality management boosts efficiency and increases the satisfaction of everyone


With its quality initiative (QI), Omnicare supports pharmacies and doctors' practices in producing chemotherapy products individually tailored to cancer patients. Quality standards are specified, ensured and made transparent in order to ensure the best possible outpatient care for patients.
Initially, this process was not very digital. Omnicare published the documents and instructions for QI in analog form.
Pharmacists and physicians documented their procedures and sent the documents by fax or e-mail to Omnicare, where the staff processed everything manually. To make this process more efficient, Omnicare developed a digital platform, the QI Center. They turned to us when this was already rudimentary and it became clear that it did not meet the needs of the users.


We developed a user interface that is geared to the needs of pharmacists and physicians. This makes it easier, faster and more pleasant to use for them, but also for Omnicare employees. Instruction and training now take place online, which significantly reduces the effort and, of course, offers additional advantages in times of Corona. With the QI center, Omnicare succeeded in switching from analog to digital in quality management. According to customer feedback, their efficiency has increased since digitalization, and with it their satisfaction with QI.


Interaction Concept
UI Design

Time Frame

November 2019 - February 2020

"For our project, we were looking for UX experts. Coeno put the existing concepts to the test. With professional input, coeno managed to inspire all stakeholders of the project, but especially our customers."

Josef Müller, Online Marketing & Content Manager

The path to the digital application

First, we analyzed the existing platform. Then, we conducted context interviews with participating pharmacists to assess the current process for implementing Omnicare quality management. We also derived the requirements for the QI center. Based on these, we finally created wireframes and the design. Particularly tricky was implementing the building blocks of QI as a clear, easy-to-work-through roadmap that also allowed each pharmacy to customize it.
Since Omnicare was very happy with the result, we were allowed to revise and redesign their website as a follow-up order.

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