Proglove Connect App

User-friendliness and productive support for everyday work in the industrial B2B sector

Hardware and software from a single source

Proglove produces barcode scanners as industrial wearables and programs the corresponding software. In addition to the web application, PG Connect also provides a mobile app for this purpose. The Android-based app supports the workers and foremen by serving as a software gateway to the customer's warehouse management system and the Proglove Cloud. It also allows users to make settings and rules for barcode processing and transmission.


Scope Sessions
Interaction Concept
UI Design
Design System

Time Frame

May - June 2020

Developing software for industrial customers requires a lot of prior knowledge. coeno immediately got to grips with our issues and helped us to develop a well-rounded product quickly, flexibly and with the user in mind.

Hans Hochkeppel

Head of Design Proglove, Workaround GmbH


The aim of the project was to incorporate the collected user feedback on the existing app into the new concept and design. This included providing more user guidance on the home screen and a clear visual hierarchy of functions. In addition, the new approach should create a basis that not only optimises the user experience in general, but can also be used by Proglove as a basis for new functions.


Working closely with the Proglove team, we redesigned the Connect app and optimised the user interface in terms of usability and UX. Through a concept with a tile-based design, topics can be prioritised by users according to importance and occurrence in their daily work. At the same time, we have established a design system that can be easily adapted by ProGlove and used as a basis for new functions.

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As this is already our second project with Proglove, we were at an advantage, but still had to familiarise ourselves with the material. A demo application with a smartphone and barcode scanner helped us. With the help of flowcharts, we showed the connections within the app and the interfaces to other systems. In this way, we were able to separate technical processes from the information relevant to the users and simplify the pairing process for the users.

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Weitere Cases

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