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UI and UX optimisation of the front end for end customers and intermediaries with the aim of significantly increasing the satisfaction with the digital experience for both user groups. In doing so, the functional background of the existing IT systems must be taken into account and customers must not be unsettled by the reprioritisation of features, the new usage process and a new aesthetic.


A step-by-step approach according to usage occasion and the involvement of all participants of the interdisciplinary project team enables a common understanding of the functional scope to be established at the beginning of each part of the project. The requirements and UX concepts are gradually developed for the different areas such as custody and account holdings, transaction views, personal data, analysis tools and an online mail basket. A new, fresh but not "foreign" visual design is introduced and, in parallel, conceptual assumptions and design variants are tested with user tests. Despite our expertise, we are always happy to learn new things and remain true to our mantra: "We are not the users either". The result is very much appreciated by users, us and ebase - so much so that we will also be able to manage further digital projects for ebase brands.


Interaction Concept
UI Design
Usability Tests

Time Frame

Since mid 2018

"With the redesign of our portal and thanks to the UI/UX optimisation from our cooperation with coeno, we have managed to make our portal modern, efficient and future-oriented; both for B2B and B2C."


Responsive Evolution

Based on work packages, responsive core views were created for all areas of the application during the course of the project.In order not to overwhelm users, going live also took place in individual steps, accompanied by appropriate communication.In all solutions, the focus was on the balance between the new and the familiar, validated and iterated through usability tests.

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From briefing to scope session

Through an iterative and feedback-driven approach, we have continuously optimised our collaboration with the great ebase team, replacing briefings with our scope sessions, a less complicated but very effective procedure:

  • Requirements are collected internally in advance as a user story - from all stakeholders - and documented.
  • Screens from the inventory are evaluated in a joint meeting: which contents and functions must be retained, what should be improved (and why) and what can be omitted
  • Together, a new consolidated user story map for the screen(s) is created, discussed and approved.

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Weitere Cases

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